​​​Gems Standard Poodles

                                                                               Standard Poodle Health Guarantee

Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of pick up or shipping. In order for your health guarantee to be in effect 
you must take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 3 to 5 days of delivery (not including weekends or holidays).

1. The buyer is encouraged to take the puppy to a vet during this time frame for a health check. It is not intended to cover things 
which are prone to the breed and size of dog. This would include, uneven bites, base narrow mandible, undescended testicles, and 
inguinal or umbilical hernias.  If the puppy does not check out healthy (excluding, parasites parvo or coccidia) a refund will be given. 
We will not be held responsible for veterinary costs of any kind. We must have in writing the health concern signed by a licensed 
veterinarian for a refund or replacement. After the 3 to 5 days, absolutely no replacements or refund will be given for any health 
reason. Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice to verify diagnosis before 
replacing or refunding. Puppy must be returned and accompanied with documented proof of illness from licensed veterinarian, 
within 7 days of purchase, (Breeder not responsible for transportation costs.)

2.This puppy is guaranteed to the original buyer for (1) one year against hereditary/genetic diseases (e.g. heart, liver or kidneys) and 
1 yr for Hip Dysplasia.  All breeding dog's hips must be tested with either OFA or penn hip before breeding or this contract is null and 
void.  If dog is found to have a serious hereditary/genetic disease a replacement puppy of equal value will be given when available.  
Documentation from licensed veterinarian must be given.  It is understood that breeder is never responsible for veterinarian bills or 
transportation costs.

The Seller (Ken and Jerilynn McRae) reserves the right of first refusal should the dog be in need of re homing.  It is understood ANY transfer of the dog without first contacting the seller and first right of refusal shall cause this contract to be in violation allowing the seller (Jerilynn McRae) the right to take possession of the dog.  The seller does not take lightly the transferring of any dog to multiple homes. Security and stability alongside care and contact are vital to the health of a family dog.   It is the sellers goal to have this be a priority to the buyer.

Buyer shall advise seller of any new address so that contact can be maintained.   It is the desire of the seller to maintain contact to guarantee placement if needed outside of any shelter, pound, rescue or inappropriate home.   Placing a dog is not something the seller takes lightly. Seller is committed to the life of this dog. As discussed throughout this contract. 

This dog is bred as a companion animal.  Though it may be capable of of achieving excellence in obedience trials or in the show ring and/or breeding, no warranty is given or provided by Gems Poodles as to the dogs ability to do so.

4. All shipping and transportation is the responsibility of the buyer. In the event of death within the 3 day period due to neglect or any 
condition related to its fragile nature, or accidental death, the buyer agrees to hold us harmless.

5. The puppy is not guaranteed to be of show or breeding quality, or not guaranteed to be size as stated as it is impossible to predict 
with 100% accuracy. Although we try our best to be as close to target as possible. I also can not guarantee color. I will give my honest 
and educated guess.

6. Buyer states that he or she is not a pet store owner or purchasing for one, or a puppy mill operation or purchasing for one.

7. If your puppy was purchased with limited AKC registration the buyer agrees to spay/neuter this puppy before 9 months old, before 
any heat cycles or breedings could occur. Buyer will receive AKC registration when proof of spay/neuter is sent to me.  If this puppy 
was purchased with open AKC registration, and breeding rights it has been discussed, and agreed upon by myself the breeder for an 
additional fee. Future breeding of a puppy purchased from us will void this agreement and health guarantee. You are required to 
spay or neuter your puppy before or during the 9th month of age. Proof of spay/neuter needs to be maintained by owner. If these 
requirements are not met, this guarantee is null and void.

      LIMITED REGISTRATION- Buyer must spay/neuter
      FULL REGISTRATION - MUST be discussed with seller

8. We have done our part to make sure you have a physically and mentally sound puppy. You must take full responsibility for proper 
care once the puppy leaves my home. Please find a licensed veterinarian in your area to keep your puppy strong and healthy with 
routine shots and health issues.

A $200.00 non-refundable deposit will hold your puppy. We do not accept personal checks for final payment, however we do accept 
cash, cashier's checks, postal money orders, and pay pal with a 3% processing fee.

Please contact us with any questions and let us know how your baby is doing. We would love updates and photos. Thank you and 
congratulations on your new family member!

Jerilynn and ken
Nampa Idaho 83651

Date of Adoption_____________     Price ___________                  Shipping $400.00 (includes plane ticket, crate and health certificate

Name of puppy_______________    D.O.B             Sex______________                      Color of Puppy_______________

Sire                   Dam

Signature of Breeders Ken and Jerilynn McRae

By signining this agreement it is understood that this a binding contract, and that you have acknowledge and agreed to the 
conditions of this sales agreement.

Signature of Buyer _______________________        Date_______________________

Deposit of $200.00 was paid by the buyer on____________________

(Street)                                                        (City)                                (State)

email ________________________________

Phone/Cell _____