​​​Gems Standard Poodles

Your puppy will be used to eating this kibble. If you decide to change a sample will be sent so you can transition slowly. You can not find it on chewy.com only on your local feed stores. It is a high quality food.

www.petedge.com is where we buy all of our products at a great price. These are my favorite smells. Bright magic and fresh pet. 

Available $1400


Black and white male

Did your puppy smell good when you got him/her? 




Brown Female


Phantom Female

We are looking for a special guardian home family. She will be crate trained and on her way to being potty trained before she joins her family!

​​​Weezy x Brazen

DOB 3-4-19

Ready for new homes 4-29-19

 Big beautiful puppies between 70 and 90 lbs.

Puppies will be between $1200-$1500

Limited Registration meaning you have no intentions of breeding
Full (meaning breeding rights) $2500
​Partis, brindle phantoms, solids, tris

Please fill out our health guarantee form with $200 deposit. 

​Idaho Sales tax: We are an LLC so we are required to pay sales tax on each puppy sold. This is 6% of the total purchase amount that will be added on to the total amount of the puppy. Excluding shipping

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2016 puppies out of Weezy x Parker

Calling all LOCAL Treasure Valley Peeps! We will be looking for a guardian home out of this litter.

 If this is something your interested in please check our guardian home link out!

Must be within 2 hours of driving from Nampa Id.



Pending $1500


Phantom male

4 Beautiful Females!




brindle phantom female


Larry and Shirley​


Black and white male

​As a Poodle owner it is a lifelong commitment to maintain grooming your Poodle. The first year of life is a lesson each time they get on the table. If you start grooming them when they are young it makes it easier for both the groomer and your dog as they get older because they will be used to being groomed.  It is also important to have their ears plucked.

We are feeding them Nutri Source. You will receive a large enough sample of kibble to mix in with what you are going to feed. If you do not mix it in for them to transition slowly they will get an upset tummy causing diarrhea. We free feed our puppies. I always make sure there is kibble in their bowl in case one did not get enough or maybe they like just snacking throughout the day. Also we make sure they have fresh water several times a day.

Yes all puppies have worms, gross I know, so they will need a couple more rounds of de wormer from your Vet. Also, a series of 2 more shots to get them fully vaccinated from any diseases. We encourage you to find a vet you are comfortable with so these dolls can get their next set of shots, de wormer, and routine checkups. Talk to the vet about vaccinations, heart worm, and flea control if needed in your area. The protocol is needed at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age for vaccinations. Please do not take your puppy to any parks or places where any other animals that have left feces have been; for fear of them getting any diseases, specifically parvo, until they are fully vaccinated. Parvo is very serious disease causing death in most cases. This does not mean you cannot socialize your puppy, just avoid areas that are common to public until your puppy is fully vaccinated.

I strongly believe in crate training and making their crate a safe haven, if not abused. A puppy does well in a crate at night if they are near you and feel your presence. Sorry that means a garage, bathroom, and laundry room is out!  Mine love their crates. It is a safe place for them to get away from any kids or ruckus in the house. When I leave my home I never leave them unattended, another reasons crates are nice to have. Hint: Treats do wonders for training.

Your puppy will be used to a doggy door, but that does not mean they are house broke. Continue with a routine of having them go outside in a designated area. I use one word “potty” and they go to the door. They are used to going outside so be consistent with them. Take them outside after every meal, nap, and play time. They are babies and have to go often. If they have an accident please do not put them in their crate as they will associate their crate as a bad thing. Just take them outside immediately. At about 12 weeks their bladders can hold it a little longer. There is one word I can say, and that is consistency! Teach them tricks! Mental work is as tiring as a walk and will help keep them out of trouble.
Lastly, they love chew toys. Stuffed toys don't last long, they have a grand time tearing stuffing all over! I will give them ropes, balls, or Frisbees. I do not give them pig ears or raw hides.  It is too scary for me and have had a bad experience! We give them large bones or deer antlers as that keeps their teeth nice and clean. 
If we can help you in anyway or any questions you may have please don't hesitate to get a hold of us!
We do have one last request. We would sure love an update on your little dolls at about a year of age so we can get a good idea on size, color, etc. for our breeding program.
Thank you,
Ken and Jerilynn

Reserved $1400



Black and white male



Spa facial cleanser is a great one for their face and smells excellent! 

Available $1500


Black and white Tri male

Reserved $1200



Black Female